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AyseDeniz Gokcin is a classical/rock crossover pianist and a neo-romantic composer currently splitting her time between Los Angeles, London, and Istanbul She started playing the piano at age five and was considered a child prodigy. She has performed in over 25 countries as a soloist around the world ranging from classical to rock festivals and concert halls.


With a Bachelors from Eastman School and a Masters from Royal Academy of Music, she uses her classical education to unite her 500K+ global fans online and in live concerts with a mission to connect people from different backgrounds who share the love of piano. 

AyseDeniz is a Kawai Piano Ambassador. She is recognized internationally for her ability to unite the classical genre with classic rock and creating original rock arrangements and compositions, which she now performs for fans worldwide to sold-out shows. She has appeared on BBC News, Vogue Fashion, Classic FM, CNN News, and more. 

In February 2022, Britannica named AyseDeniz one of the top 20 most influential young musicians / artists. The Britannica Encyclopedia is the oldest English encyclopedia in the world.

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