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sLs Borderless Piano Academy by AyseDeniz

Borderless Piano Academy by AyseDeniz  in collaboration with sLs Japan is a new piano course and a global community for global piano lovers and learners, where they will enjoy piano classes, live concerts and listening sessions delivered by AyşeDeniz!
Now the academy is also available in Japan!


Self - Paced Program

Self-paced learning is a learning method in which the learner has the control of the amount of material and duration they need in order to learn the information properly. It differs from other learning methods because the learner is in control of what they learn and when they learn it.
Self-paced courses don’t follow a set schedule. Contrarily, they are all about flexibility. All of the course materials are available as soon as the course starts, and the learner goes through them at their own speed.


Professional Instructors

All our instructors are multilingual. Our music instructors are professional musicians  with many years of experience of  teaching music students and performing piano and violin in many places. We offer private/small group lessons  for every level in piano and violin ( from music lessons for kids to graded exams to difficult piano pieces by Chopin, Mozart , Beethoven etc. 

We will start with a beginners class and work our way up. You don’t need any prior experience to get started! 

Let there be music everywhere.

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