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Churen Li ( RiRi ) sLs Artist


We promote creativity in classical music


sLs Artists is a new place for Classical Crossover Musicians.
We believe that creativity and innovation are essential catalysts for music.
Pianists are often praised for having “fine technique” or “superb technique”
But for sLs , besides technique we also appreciate creativity. 
Classical Crossover Musicians are classically trained musicians but they can perform in other genres , such as Rock, Jazz, New Age etc

The strength of the classical crossover genre lies in its freedom of artistic expression and creativity. There are no repertoire limits since arguably any song/music can be given a ‘crossover’ treatment.

There are numerous classical crossover artists, including:
Andrea Bocelli, Maksim Mrvica, Yoshiki( X-Japan ) , Yo-Yo Ma, Vanessa-Maeand of course our four talented artists - AyseDeniz, ISKANDAR WidjajaChuren ,
Nanaha & Jimin Dorothy

At sLs Artists, we are always looking for talented, bright and enthusiastic Classical Crossover Musicians to collaborate with us.
We hope to help raise awareness about this genre and
promote creativity in classical music.

Bach, Mozart, Chopin and Beethoven all thrilled audiences with their spontaneous improvisations. But today’s classical pianists have lost the art. The way we’ve developed musicians is falling apart, as it was designed for a very narrow outcome – preserving and perfecting the canonic repertoire. 
The quote is taken from  The Guardian article U.K. credit to Dalya-Alberge

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