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sLs Languages

We provide Free Phonics & English Lessons at orphanages in Tokyo.
We also offer Spanish, French & Chinese Lessons for Children and Adults.

We offer an exciting range of language courses for all levels, from Beginner to Advanced, and for all budgets. 

The most common reason for taking a tailor-made course is having a limited time-frame in which to learn the language. However, you may need to take a tailor-made course focusing on a specific area of language, e.g. business or exam. In this case, you will progress more effectively attending a course alone, with a partner or in a small group of students who share the same objectives and language level as yourself

You can choose the number of lessons you would like, held at a convenient time and day for yourself and your potential classmates. Should you need to cancel a lesson, your lesson will simply be rescheduled so you will never miss a class! 

If you are interested in taking one-to-one lessons don't hesitate to contact us. After examining the areas where you need to improve the most we can tailor-made study plan to address your weaknesses.

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