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Crossover Music Competition for Creative Pianists
in Japan

Music Submission Guidelines and Requirements

3 Piano pieces

  1. Classical - Solo piano piece -  Periods include (but not limited to) Classical, Baroque, and Romantic.

  2. Contemporary & Modern - Rock, New Age, Jazz, Anime or compositions from our artists - AyseDeniz (ADpianist) , Jimin or Churen.

  3. Original compositions​ - all types of music genres ( can be accepted ) 


  • 18-28 years old

  • Must currently reside in Japan

  • Please be mindful of these restrictions on eligibility: Entered works should reflect current creative activity. Certain works that satisfy some entry requirements but do not reflect current creative activity may not be eligible.example, original compositions published on digital platforms  more than three years ago ( before 2019 )  of a public release are ineligible.

  • Videos should be recorded in the spirit of a live audition or recital performance. You may record in any venue suited to you, with natural acoustics, with or without an audience. Dress professionally, as you would for a live performance.

  • The entire performance must be taken in one take, without any sound or video editing.Recordings may be single piano pieces ( classical ,modern & own composition - 3 videos ) or full-length collections of 3 piano pieces in one video.

  • Video performances should be submitted as web links ( exp YouTube ) .  All video links must remain active and accessible until the end of the competition.  Alternatively, an mp4 video may be uploaded with an entry, although its resolution may not exceed 480p. Please provide a link if you want to submit high-definition video.

  • If a score is available, a PDF copy of it should also be uploaded.

  • Recordings must be in accordance with the repertoire guidelines.

  • Please note that where repertoire choice or other submission requirements are not met, the candidate may be disqualified.

  • All applicants are encouraged to provide a short introduction in Japanese and English

  • All applicants are encouraged to provide their Instagram or Facebook profile ID . 

  • Works may be submitted only once for the competition.

  • Entries must be uploaded by the January 30, 2023 deadline, but should be submitted as early as possible.

Our Objectives

Our competition wants to encourage young crossover pianists to perform and grow. We believe that our competition can offer many benefits to our participants, and help to build their confidence and realize their dreams. Our purpose is to discover an artist of outstanding personality and provide support, which can help to launch international careers. 

The aim of our competition is to find a performer with a strong artistic personality and stage presence to join our sLs Talents artist. The emphasis is therefore not on the purely technical aspect of the performance, but also on the artistic charisma of the performer and most importantly *creativity. The winner will have plenty of opportunities to perform in and outside of Japan.

The Winner will be required to attend an award ceremony scheduled in Spring 2023 and will also be invited to perform at our artist ( AyseDeniz - Asia Tour in Japan, Tokyo ) scheduled in late summer of 2023.

Please submit your videos for review by sending them to:
with an email subject line * Crossover pianist

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