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sLs Japan Orchestra ( sLs JO )

The String Ensemble provides young violinists, violists, and cellists  with the opportunity to come together to perform in a string orchestra as well as in a chamber group.

sLs Japan Orchestra ( sLs JO ) is an ensemble music academy in Tokyo, Japan offering different types of Ensemble Music training. Our music program explores and cultivates students’ music potential and pairs up students of different talents to learn and play in different ensemble groups.

sLs JO also focuses on improving students’ learning interest and is committed to uplifting the quality and fun in music education.

At sLs, we are providing a series of tailor-made training courses for students of different age groups, sLs aims to offer professional training on ensemble performance skills and cultivate the right attitude of being part of the orchestra.

sLs JO introduces training modules for students of all ages and musicalities. It offers a comprehensive range of courses including Instrumental Courses, Ensemble Orchestra Training and Advanced training are also provided for ABRSM and related diploma exams.

sLs Group Corp endeavours to organize music master classes, concerts and seminars to promote and deepen the talents of both our students and Instructors.

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